Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Circular Logic

 I’ve never really found crop circles to be that interesting.  Of course, I’ve never been near or in one, so I don’t know what I’m missing, I guess.  Some people are nuts about them.  They can’t get enough of those mysterious circles.  They are very interesting to look at, I will admit that.  The geometry and almost perfect execution of a pattern is quite fascinating.  They get more complex as time goes by, so, that’s pretty sweet.  I just didn’t get caught up in the crop circle fever because, for the most part, I think they’re human created.  Though, if that is the case, it’s still pretty impressive.  This would be art; very complicated, ingenious, illegal art.  A human doing this in the middle of the night with simple tools is proof of human creativity at its best.  Doug and Dave, the most infamous crop circle creators, sure took credit for all the crop circles made during a certain span of time.  How could they do all of them?  They were based in the U.K., but other countries and continents were afflicted with crop circles during that same time.  Doug and Dave couldn’t possibly have created every crop circle from 1978 to like, 1991.  I’m sure there were tons of copycat artists, so that explains a few more crop circles.  Still, after all the debunking that crop circles have gone through, some people still find them to be mysterious and magical.  Why is this?
            Even the most die-hard crop circle enthusiast knows that most crop circles are hoaxes.  Not all of them though; according to these people, true crop circles are not made by mortal men.  Instead, they provide a long list of alternate explanations; aliens, inter-dimensional contact, messages from the Earth itself, among many others.  How do you tell the difference between a hoax and the real deal?  Some say the really fancy ones are human made, while the simple, circular indentation on a field is a true crop circle.  It’s a sign of a landing spacecraft; they don’t bother with the fancy shapes.  Others can just “feel” when a crop circle is genuine.  There have been many reports of strange goings on inside these circles, from electrical equipment malfunctions, to people feeling sick or even energized.  What really separates the real from the fake, supposedly, is how the wheat, or whatever kind of crop, is individually affected.  In what is considered to be true crop circles, the plants themselves seem gently bent and interwoven.  Upon closer inspection, it looks like the plants were exposed to a very brief flash of intense heat, from the inside.  Also, the plants remain alive and able to grow.  Some say this would not be the case if a human simple trampled on the plants.
            If extraterrestrials are doing this, the question is, why?  If they are so advanced that they can fly around, undetected, at night with lasers or something to make these intricate designs, why are they using this medium to express themselves?  I know aliens are very secretive, but this is almost silly.  It makes no logical sense to me, but then again, I’m not an alien.  Maybe making circles and patterns is just the way they communicate.  If that is the case, are the messages really intended for us?  I know that they are created on the Earth on human property; but maybe we aren’t the intended recipient.  The circles are viewed best from the air; you’d have to be in a plane, helicopter, or a spaceship to fully appreciate the crop circle pattern.  So maybe these crop circles serve as a marker to other aliens.  If an alien in a spaceship was communicating with its fellow race or allies, I bet the signs serve as a marker.  “We’ve already explored this area and mutilated enough cattle, we can move on to other areas.”  The intricacy of the crop circle design may tell the alien’s friends what kind of work was done and where they are going next.  Why they don’t just call each other, I don’t know.  Well, they probably do, but just like landscapers, construction workers, and electricians on Earth, they rely on certain markings to tell each other where they’ve been and where they are going to go next.  If you want to take a different approach, maybe crop circles are graffiti of some sort.  Opposing aliens telling each other that they have staked their claim on earth turf and rival aliens need to go somewhere else to do their alien things.  Humans mark their territory in many ways; be it fences, walls, deeds to property, or good old fashioned gang graffiti.  We have ways of telling each other “this is my space, get away”.  There have been many little fights and sometimes outright wars over certain property and whom it may or may not belong to.  Would aliens be the same way?  They must be getting along alright, because we generally don’t see spaceships battling it out in our skies.  Maybe the aliens are nice enough to have their turf wars out of sight of humanity.
            Most croppies (crop circle lovers call themselves that, right?), however, believe crop circles are intended for humans.  Crop circles have accumulated quite a following over the years.  Some seek spiritual enlightenment within the circles.  Something about the magnetic fields they find, I’m sure.  People bring in psychics, dowsing rods, and EMF detectors; they find all sorts of crazy things.  As mentioned before, cameras and other electrical equipment tend to act bizarrely in a crop circle.  If humans created all the crop circles; are they creating these magnetic fields as well?  I highly doubt it, unless some sort of mass hysteria is involved, but let’s not go down that path.  Some people believe that crop circles are messages from the Earth itself.  Ancient energy, trapped in the ley lines of Earth is manifesting itself as intricate designs in crops all over the world.  It’s a very strange explanation, but I rather like it.  The thought that the place on which we dwell is trying to contact us through mysterious means is quite intriguing.  What is mother earth trying to tell us?  Probably stop polluting or fighting or something obvious like that.  That’s what I would say if I were the Earth.  But I doubt I would try to get my message out there in the form of crop circles.  No one seems to be getting the messages of these circles very clearly.  The paranormal community loves to talk about them, but how can we make any progress in getting to the bottom of this when no one has seen a genuine crop circle being created?  It’s like they come out of nowhere and are made in a very short amount of time.  I guess these things remain on people’s minds because they aren’t going away, they keep appearing all over the world.  Fake or real, they’re very interesting to look at.  Though they aren’t very high on my paranormal interest list, I must keep them in my mind, for some of them truly are a mystery.

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