Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beyond the Curtain

            They say that monsters don’t really come from our earth.  They say that some monsters and ghosts come from other dimensions.  They say that even some UFOs are not from outer space at all, but simply from another dimension.  Who are they?  A select few monster, ghost, and UFO hunters and theorists.  It is a theory that seems to tie things up quite tidily.  It makes a good explanation as to why no one can get any concrete evidence; the strange being or whatever simply slipped back into their dimension.  I can certainly see the possibility of parallel realities.  I bet these alternate existences can account for a lot of crazy things that happen out there.  So let’s go over the whys and why nots regarding the possibility of parallel universes and the phenomena connected to them.
            I’m going to start out with regular people.  I understand that people have been proven to exist and there is evidence of said existence everywhere.  So I guess you can’t really call people paranormal phenomena.  However, stuff that happens to people can get kind of weird.  Have you ever had a day where everything seems slightly off to you?  It could be a personal problem, I mean, we aren’t always at the top of our game.  But sometimes, maybe it isn’t us.  Maybe something weird is really going on.  We very well could have slipped into a parallel, albeit similar, universe.  This is highly unlikely, since the illogical implications of this would be astoundingly numerous.  For instance, how do we move from one universe to another?  Does it happen while we are asleep?  How do we get back to our own universe after slipping into another?  Are parallel universes really that similar that we can hardly tell the difference?  Though it is very unlikely that we jump around from universe to universe on a regular basis; perhaps the theory of being sucked into a parallel dimension isn’t that far out.  People disappear sometimes.  I’m not talking about those cases where there is a tiny bit of evidence that suggests that the person was killed, kidnapped, or vanished on their own accord; I’m talking about a person that straight up vanishes.  They have perfectly normal lives, no true enemies, and close bonds to other people.  Then one day, they are gone.  I’m not making this up.  I watch a lot of true mystery shows and I read about this stuff as well.  There have been people who have to reason to run away, but they vanish, with no clues as to their whereabouts.  Could it be that these people have disappeared into another dimension?  Where else could they have gone?  Of course, there are many logical explanations; but maybe, just maybe, this is the solution to some of those missing person cases.  The police can’t put “skipped dimensions” on a report, though I’m sure that some of them want to.  My question is do any of these people ever come back?  The answer looks grim.  Unless they somehow manage to come back to their correct universe hundreds of years from where they initially left.  If that were the case, wouldn’t we be finding missing people from bygone eras?  I haven’t heard of a medieval knight showing up in the modern streets of London.  If a person popped up that was obviously from the past, I think we would have heard about it.  Maybe these missing people from our time and from older times will never come back; or they just haven’t come back yet.
            Then there is the missing time phenomenon.  People sometimes discover that they have missed a few hours, such as a road trip taking a much shorter time than expected; or the very opposite, a road trip taking much longer than expected.  Missing time is usually attributed to aliens.  Could it also be a journey through a parallel dimension?  They could have passed through some sort of wormhole that stretches or shrinks time.  Maybe it’s some weird space physics thing that I don’t understand and really shouldn’t be talking about. 
            I think that some people, while not actually stepping into one, have glimpsed parallel universes.  Yes, people have wandered into scenes from the past; there are famous accounts of such incidences.  However, there are stories of people seeing houses that tend to disappear.  There are also stories of entire towns showing up that shouldn’t be there, and vanishing just as quickly.  Are all of these instances shadows from the past?  Why couldn’t they be inter-dimensional houses and towns?  Maybe some houses in a parallel universe are built on some sort of dimensional rift.  The same thing could happen in our universe, but have you ever heard of a person going home and their house just wasn’t there?  There seems to be a lot of evidence that allows for other realities to seep into our own, but very few occasions in which our universe releases anything that belongs to it into other dimensions.  Perhaps we are the less evolved reality, we have yet to discover how to enter a parallel universe.  That’s why they are always coming to us. 
            Then are monsters multidimensional beings?  Are they the ones who possess the power to enter into our reality?  I’ve heard the theory many times, that monsters are not really of this plane of existence.  If that’s the case, the veils between realities are oddly specific.  If Bigfoot is from a parallel universe, why then is he only seen in the woods and other hard to reach places?  Why is the Loch Ness Monster only seen in that lake?  Could it be that Bigfoot prefers our forests to the ones in his dimension?  Maybe our wilderness is a vacation destination for an entire population of alternate reality Bigfoots.  Does Bigfoot—who by all accounts seems to be smarter than an ape, but not quite as smart as a human—possess the ability to travel to different universes?  If it is an accidental shift, why doesn’t Bigfoot show up on the streets of a busy city?  Would these inter-dimensional portals really be that specific to the creatures that pass through it?  I think our world is mysterious enough, I think our monsters are from Earth.  Tears in our reality just don’t fit the monster agenda.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
            You could say that ghosts are the best example of travelling between alternate realities.  Brief flashes of out of place people certainly seems to be evidence of universe overlap.  I understand that certain locations may contain a vortex, or doorway to another world.  If you have a vortex in your house, weird things are bound to happen.  But if you have one side of a vortex on your end, where is the other end?  Some vortices lead to the other side, and by other side, I mean afterlife; you know, where dead people hang out.  Now this particular other side could also be categorized as some sort of parallel universe; it’s where people travel to when they pass on.  I don’t really want to go into that, so I won’t.  I want to talk about alternate realities that contain living beings.  So yes, it’s pretty obvious that some ghosts are spirits of the dead; since these particular ghosts can be recognized and historically backed up.  What about one time ghost sightings?  Or sightings of a ghost that really has no business being in that location?  People sometimes get a glimpse of a person that seems to be out of place and these people tend to disappear with no logical explanation.  Are these the sightings of actual ghosts?  Or, maybe these are sightings of a person who slipped into our dimension.  Maybe the people who come from other realities don’t necessarily realize what has happened to them.  Perhaps people from our universe slip into others as well.  If a certain location contains the right kind of vortex, people could be popping in and out of realities and hardly realize it.  The journey may last a split second.  In essence, we could be each other’s ghosts.  This may be a good explanation for a one-time ghost sighting.  If you catch a glimpse of some strange man in your hallway, but you only see him once, does that mean you have a certified haunted house?   Probably not.  It could be a spirit passing through; but it also could be a little slip up in the order of the universe.  People in this world have claimed to see visions of scenes that should not be there; a look into the past, or what seems to be the future.  Could this be evidence that people from our time and place can slip through a rip in reality and see a different world?  Inter-dimensional traveling may account for at least a few ghost sightings.  And I’m only talking about the really weird ones, the ones that don’t make historical or familiar sense.  It could just be an overlay of a different dimension.
            If you’re going to try and travel through parallel universes at will, you probably need some kind of technology to do it.  Perhaps some sort of advanced flying machine?  Are UFOs multidimensional travelers?  Do they come from another universe and not from outer space?  You’d think that a trip into another dimension could be accomplished on the ground, but maybe not.  Perhaps the upper atmosphere is the optimal place to try and cross into another reality.  Yes, aliens could be alternate earthlings.  Not all of them, mind you; the ones that take soil samples and mutilate cattle probably aren’t from a neighboring universe.  Those ones probably come from the far reaches of the galaxy.  As far as abductions go, parallel universe travelers could still want to do tests on us.  Maybe they are looking for something, something that would help their dimension prosper.  Maybe a cure for a disease?  A way to repopulate a dying planet?  I apologize for being too speculative, but you kind of have to in my field.
            So do I think parallel universes exist?  I’m on the fence about that.  Mainly because the mathematics and physics of the concept would blow up my brain if anyone tried to explain it to me.  From a strictly paranormal point of view, it’s all possible.  If I have an open mind about one thing, I should open my mind up to everything.  Just tell me next time you pop into another dimension, tell me what it’s like.